7th September 2017 by Filafy with 0 comments

3D printing projects in the construction industry

However, as novel and ground-breaking as the 3D printing projects are in the construction industry, using materials to build with are at an early stage.

The developers can look to the manufacturing industry which is pressing ahead with resin and powder-based additives for their 3D printing capabilities for inspiration but the construction industry is also facing a major hurdle with regulation.
That’s because the standards for building a conventional house have been developed over many years to ensure that our built environment is not only dependable but safe.
And since 3D printers on construction sites have no track record currently, it’s unlikely that lawmakers, or even homebuyers, will be quick to rush to support the schemes but this isn’t putting off their development and it’s only a matter of time before 3D printed houses are the norm.

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