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3D Filament Storage, where do you store yours?

Did you know that the quality of your filament makes a big difference in the quality of your prints? How you care for your filament is up for debate but there is one consistent culprit, one nemesis, one big enemy known as humidity.

3D printing plastic such as PLA, PVA Support Material, Nylon and ABS are particularly sensitive to moisture in the air, here are some of things that humidity will do to your precious filament.

  • Humidity causes filament degradation
  • Printer/Nozzle Jams (ouch no one wants that)
  • Lower quality 3D prints (you baby is now ugly)

All of these things lead to filament breakage before you have even used it, oh no!

So how can you protect your filament.

  • Vacuum sealed bags, these protect your filament from the moisture in the air.
  • Air tight containers similar to the ones you stored your lunch in, only you’ll need a bigger container to store multiple filaments.
  • Filament turn around, don’t buy more filament that you can use in 12 months, time will eventually degraded the filament quality so its best keep your stock fresh.
  • A cool dry place, simply storing your filament in a cool dry place and not having stock piles of it will suit most people’s needs.

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